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EvalCRE: Empowering Culturally Responsive Evaluation Across Communities and Organizations

welcome May 23, 2024

EvalCRE is an educational platform meant as a “one stop shopping” digital resource for authentic Culturally Responsive Evaluation (CRE). The platform’s content is based on the ACESAS© model which was originally developed by two of EvalCRE's founders: Drs. Stafford Hood and Pamela Frazier-Anderson. Here's a little more information:

For Evaluators

EvalCREis a digital resource and instructional platform that evaluators can use to integrate CRE (using the ACESAS © model process) into their current evaluation practice.

For Educators

EvalCRE provides supplemental instructional resources for teaching students about CRE using the ACESAS model process.

For Professional Organizations

EvalCRE provides technology driven culturally responsive evaluation content in the form of professional development collaborations such as courses, workshops, and other online gatherings.

Government and Social Service Organizations

EvalCRE provides resources and training to educate those who work in education and community settings so that they are empowered to utilize CRE in their work.


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